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The first public announcement of the company's project environmental impact assessment

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According to the Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the People's Republic of China, the Regulations on Environmental Protection Management of Construction Projects, and the Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment, the first public participation announcement will be conducted for projects with an annual production of 130 tons of raw materials and 380 tons of intermediates to solicit public opinions and suggestions.
1、 Project Name and Overview:
Project name: Annual production of 130 tons of raw materials and 380 tons of intermediates, etc
Project unit: Hubei Xunda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Construction location: Within the factory of Hubei Xunda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Makou Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry Park, Tianzhen, Wuxue City, Hubei Province
Construction nature: Expansion
Total investment of the project: 220 million yuan
Construction content and scale: Annual production of 30 tons of sodium phosphomycin, 80 tons of sodium phosphomycin tromethamine, 20 tons of D-ketoprofen, and 10 tons of intermediate moxifloxacin, 100 tons of intermediate levofloxacin, 20 tons of astaxanthin, 100 tons of abaku, and 150 tons of benmoxate. Including the construction of over 9000 square meters of high standard workshops and the purchase of over 900 sets of advanced production equipment and related supporting facilities.
2、 Name and contact information of the construction unit
Construction unit: Hubei Xunda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Address: Makou Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industrial Park, Pilot Zone for Circular Economy in Tianjia Town, Wuxue City, China
Contact person: Xu Guangyi
Phone: 0713-6390100
Email: 918283329@qq.com
3、 Environmental impact assessment unit and contact information:
Name: Central South Safety and Environmental Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd
Address: No. 2 Zhongnan Second Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan City
Contact person: Zhu Gong
Phone: 027-87336162
Email: 30311701@qq.com
4、 Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure and Main Engineering Content
Main work procedure: The construction party entrusts the environmental impact assessment unit to carry out the environmental impact assessment work. Based on the investigation of the project site and the collection of relevant information, the environmental impact assessment unit prepares the project environmental impact report and conducts public opinion surveys. The completed environmental impact report shall be evaluated by technical review experts, and the revised and improved environmental impact report shall be submitted to the environmental protection department for approval based on expert opinions.
Main evaluation contents: project overview, engineering analysis, environmental status investigation and evaluation, environmental impact prediction and evaluation, public participation, environmental impact mitigation measures and countermeasures, conclusions and suggestions.
5、 Network link to public opinion form
6、 Ways and means of submitting public opinion forms
The public announcement shall take 10 working days from the date of publication of this information. The public related to this project can express their opinions and suggestions on the environmental impact of the construction project through letters, faxes, emails, or phone calls.
Hubei Xunda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
April 19, 2024