The world's first large-scale model of the entire traditional Chinese medicine industry chain, "Bencao Think Tank," was released in Chengdu

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To promote the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, the world's first large-scale model of the entire Chinese medicine industry chain, "Bencao Think Tank · Traditional Chinese Medicine Model" (referred to as "Bencao Think Tank"), was officially released to the public in Chengdu on the 12th.

The "Bencao Think Tank" is jointly developed by Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other units, gathering genetic information of 15 million original species of traditional Chinese medicine, interaction information between traditional Chinese medicine ingredients and targets, and underlying core data of traditional Chinese medicine research, including more than 4 million compounds. It has formed a knowledge map covering more than 20 million entities and over 2 billion relationship pairs throughout the entire traditional Chinese medicine industry chain, providing decision-making support for key links in basic research, traditional Chinese medicine planting, quality control, and drug development.

At the second "Thousand Species of Materia Medica Genome Project" seminar held on the same day, Yu Shuguang, President of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, stated that since the proposal of the "Materia Medica Genome Project" in 2010, Professor Chen Shilin and his team have completed genome sequencing of over 1000 medicinal plant species based on medicinal plant species collected from pharmacopoeias of countries such as China, India, the United States, Brazil, Egypt, and others. They have also made many achievements in the breeding of new medicinal plant varieties. The "Bencao Think Tank" is not only a significant breakthrough in the deep integration of traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern science and technology, but also will promote cross-border integration and collaborative innovation in the field of medical research.

Chen Shilin, the head of the development team of the "Herbal Think Tank" and an academician of the CAE Member, said that the "Herbal Think Tank" has three major functions, namely, the extraction and generation of Chinese medicine knowledge, the output of solutions in the vertical field of Chinese medicine, and the one-stop digital service of the Chinese medicine industry, through the command fine-tuning and retrieval enhancement generation technology. At present, the "Bencao Think Tank" is conducting an English translation, and in the future, the team will continue to strengthen international scientific research cooperation and enhance the international influence of traditional Chinese medicine culture.